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Remember to SPRING FORWARD Saturday, March 9 before going to bed!

St. Patrick's Day - March 17

CHURCH OFFICE hours are:
Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.
CLOSED - Fridays

CHURCH PHONE # 757-838-2758

Wednesday evenings
at 7:00PM

Bible Study - "Last Letters." Pastor David asks, What would you say/teach if you knew you would die soon? We'll compare the last letter of Peter with the last letter of Paul. What were their similarities and differences?

Children's Bible Skills, Drills & Thrills


2nd Tuesdays of the month
7:00 PM
- Women on Mission meet to learn about missionaries, the countries, and conditions they work under. They also plan their own local mission projects. For more information just call the church office (838-2758).

3rd Wednesday of the month
6:00 PM
Fried chicken and whatever you bring!
Business Meeting follows.

Sundays in MARCH
1st Sunday- 9:45AM
- Joint Opening Assembly!
A.K.A. Donut Day - Come and join us for a little fellowship time, a cup of coffee and a donut!

Weekly- 9:45 AM - Sunday School/Bible Study

New quarter begins with a study on the book of Mark.

"The Gospel of Mark is all about action. Does it teach deep theology? Absolutely. Does it tell us interesting and insightful things about Jesus? Of course it does. But why? I believe it is to spur us to action, to cause us to take the truth we hold in our hearts and demonstrate it with our hands. Mark's Gospel is all about being doers and not merely hearers of the word.
For many today, Christianity is about morality, knowledge, or social connections. But for first century Christians it was first about identity with Jesus - being like Him, following after Him, doing what He did, saying what He said, and obeying His commands.

God has given us this book in order to continue our transformation, to continue to make us more like Jesus. May that be your goal."
Dr. Calvin Wittman serves as senior pastor of Applewood Baptist Church in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

March 3-"Meeting with God"...Exodus 19:16-20

March 10- "Exit Ramp Off the Rat Race"...Ecclesiastes chapter 2

March 17-"Why Must There Be Hypocrites?"...Matthew 13:24-30

March 24-"His Work in You"...Philippians 1:3-6

March 31-"The Silent Savior"...Isaiah 53:3-9

6:00 PM - Sunday Nights
Bible Study - "The Book of Daniel"

Senior Adult Luncheon
Tuesday, March 12 12:00 pm.
We'll be meeting at the Cracker Barrel in Hampton. Nancy Bland, a friend of Sandy Schlademan will be our guest speaker. Be sure to signup!

Hillbilly Hoedown Talent/No Talent Night and Chili Dinner
Sunday, March 24, 6:00 pm.
Brave enough to put you chili recipe to the test? We'll be the judge of that! Join us for a night of music and entertainment. Dress in "hillbilly" clothes, and bring a dessert if you like. The church will supply the tea and coffee.

PALM SUNDAY - April 14
Easter Musical at 11:00 am.

EASTER - April 21
He is Risen. He is Risen indeed!

Home of the Riverdale Quartet
Encouraging Word


Welcome to our website. My name is David Parker, and I am the pastor of Pine Chapel Baptist Church. It is our hope that as you examine our website that you will begin to know our church and the wonderful people who are serving the Lord here!

One of the strengths I think you will find at Pine Chapel is our love for studying the Word of God. Sadly, many churches today in our culture do not put an emphasis on Bible study, but this is not the case here at Pine Chapel. I'm proud to say that we study the Bible here!

On Sunday evenings starting at 6pm, we regularly begin with a time of prayer, followed by singing a few hymns of praise. We then engage in a Bible Study lasting about 40 minutes (we finish up about 7pm). We meet in the fellowship hall in a relaxed atmosphere. All you need is your Bible. You can enjoy coffee and snacks during the study. I use humor, and believe that studying the Bible should be fun as well as educational. You can feel comfortable here. You're among friends!

Over the last few years we have studied a wide variety of biblical topics. We've studied who God is, and what He is like (His nature, the Trinity, etc.). We've also learned about Angels: who they are and what they do for us. We've learned about the End Times, and what the word of God has to say about it. We also occasionally study the lives of famous bibical individuals, to see what we can learn from them, such as Moses.

We serve a wonderful Tri-une God. Father. Son. Holy Spirit. The Three who are One and the One who exists as Three. The Father loves us and calls us into relationship. Jesus Himself said this: "No man can come to Me unless the Father draws Him." Jesus shed His perfect blood for a lost humanity, for Scripture clearly teaches us, "Without the shedding of blod there is no forgiveness for sin." His sacrifice makes our salvation possible. And the Holy Spirit indwells us,seals us and protects us after we invite Jesus into our lives.

It is my hope - and our hope here at Pine Chapel Baptist Church - that you will want to come and worship our wonderful God with us. Get to know Him. Get to know us. Let us serve Him together.

God bless you,
Rev. David Parker

Loving Families....Lifelong Friends....
A Lasting Faith.


Bible Study
9:45 am

Morning Worship
11:00 am

Evening Worship
6:00 pm

WEDNESDAY Prayer and Mid-Week Service
7:00 pm

Family Focused!
Christ Centered!
Prayer Oriented!
Service Minded!

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